Wade Neal

Wade began building homes in 1987 in Oklahoma. He relocated to Tyler in 2004 to be closer to his family. He is continuing to build custom homes, just in a new location.

Wade has a passion for building. He has a drive and an intensity about him that gets him to his building sites every day. He checks out everything. He insists on perfection and relies only on himself to insure it’s done right!

Wade is a numbers guy; he oversees all of the bookkeeping as well as the construction end of the business. Wade has constructed homes in some of Tyler’s finest neighborhoods, homes resplendent with craftsmanship and attention to detail.

Our homes start at approximately 2,800 square feet and up to over 24,000 square feet with prices ranging from $300,000 to $4 million and over. Wade searches far and wide locating the best prices in materials and labor so he can keep his bids extremely competitive.

Wade is involved in every phase of the building project. He’s not a manager-builder. He’s a hand’s-on builder. It’s extremely important to Wade to give his clients everything they want in a house, down to the finest details, and within a budget they’ve established. He truly builds “your custom” home.

Quality starts from the beginning through well thought out designs and engineering.

Wade builds his foundations from site core drillings that reveal load bearing capacities for which an engineered foundation blue print can be prepared. The “Geo Tech” results also predetermine the necessary site prep which will be required. Most always this requires 2 to 4 ft of pretested “Red Select”, a mix of sand and clay, to be placed under the foundation. The amount, depth, width, and spacing of the footings are drawn by the foundation engineer based upon the reports findings of the core drill on the job site.

Gauge, quality, spaceing, and design layout of the ree bar is also inluded in the foundation plan prepared by the engineer. Many to most builders in the East Texas area “DO NOT” follow this process due to added expense to the home owner or are simply not experienced enough to know better. This type of foundation was a requirement for all builders from Wade’s original market in Oklahoma. The expenses for site core drilling, through blue prints completion range around $4,000.00.

The main expense is incurred from the placement and compaction of the “Red Select” fill. On average this will run from $4,000.00 to upwards of $10,000.00 on larger homes. The fill must be tested by an Geotech company for compaction usually every 8 to 10 inches and will run around $800.00

Wade personally oversees every aspect of this stage to ensure all details required by the foundation engineer are followed as well as takes pictures of the progress. After the footings are dug the termite treatment is applied and then covered with a poly water barrier prior to the placement of the ree bar. This process will help prevent future subterranian water from penetrating the foundation which will cause many flooring surfaces to fail. Wade uses ankor bolts placed around the entire perimiter of the foundation in the cement in which to Bolt the framing down. Again non of this is required in this area, but should be, espesially due to the large number of foundation failures and or repairs in the area! It is far less expensive to avoid the futurre potential issues sooner than later! You may log into my site to view pictures of what your foundation prep ‘SHOULD NOT LOOK LIKE”.

This is only the beginning. Feel free to contact Wade anytime to go into further details of how and why he builds your home better for the long term.