Add comfort to your life and lifestyle along with value to your home by remodeling with Homes by Wade. Our team of experts are able to take existing home and create quality custom designs that will impress with highly functional updates. Updating your home to improve home value and attractiveness can not only benefit you in the now, but for years to come.  Signature Homes performs many types of upgrades and or remodeling to include quality features that boost style and comfort. Many popular renovations completed by Homes by Wade include:

Increasing Energy Efficiency: Homes by Wade can install and update your energy system by installing new HVAC systems, windows, electrical outlets, appliances and more. All these updates can make your home more comfortable and reduce your electric bills immensely.

Window Replacement: Update the style and feel of your home, while reducing energy costs by installing new energy efficient windows in your home.

Kitchen Renovations: Take your drab kitchen and turn it into a room from Country Living. Homes by Wade can update your cabinets, appliances, countertops and floors with ease. Bring new value to your home by updating the heart of the home, the kitchen.

Painting: Bring new life and color to your home by planning a full painting renovation of your home inside and out. Add color and apply paint that can stand stains, use, and time.

Baths: Create your tranquil retreat in your new bathroom. Update your tub, shower, tiles and more with Homes By Wade.

Outdoor Space: Update your outdoor space by adding additional usable outdoor space. Renovate your pool or spa to be a fun area that will stand use over the summers to come. Spruce up your space by adding a fireplace or firepit to enjoy dinners and parties!

We can make your updates dreams a reality to an existing home. Talk with Homes by Wade to discuss updates and location today! The service all areas within 50 miles of Tyler. We can complete any job with a budget of $50,000.00 or more for all updates and repairs. If your renovation project meets this criteria, talk with our team today!