Wade made our new home building experience a quick and painless process. Building in an area with several home builders we got the opportunity to see just how involved most builders are. Wade was on the job every day and deeply involved in every aspect. We want to thank you for your dedication and making our new home a beautiful place to live.

Mr. & Mrs. Herrington

We only met Wade a few times during the construction of our home since we lived Colorado at the time. Wade provided daily photos, email, and text messages to keep us up to date as though we were right there. From design phase to and after move in Wade displayed the upmost confidence and professionalism. His system and methods made the long distance transaction possible. We truly don’t think we could have chosen a better builder. Wade exceeded all of our expectations!

Dr. & Mrs. Johnson



I had several unique ideas that of the builders I interviewed, only Wade made me feel he had the experience to pull it off. Many features I envisioned integrated into my home were new and some just challenging. Wade never said NO nor expressed any frustration in many of my ideas. He simply went to work to accomplish what I wanted. Upon completion I can truly say Wade pulled it all off. We are very proud of our new home.

Mr. & Mrs. Johnson

Wade took our final plans we had before meeting him and did a spectacular job of modifying the home to fit the home site on a very steep down hill grade. He directed all water around and away from the house. Wade overcame many engineering challenges as well that were not addressed in the plans. We are extremely happy with his attention to detail and pulling of what we feel many could not have. Thank you for our wonderful home.

Mr. & Mrs. Miller



Wade built our new home in an amazing 5 months, 3 weeks. Pool, landscaping, home and all. His dedication, time on job, and attention to detail made it possible. He engineered our balcony without supports to truly open up our home. We not only recommend Wade but offered to open our house to any future customers who would like to see his work..

Mr. & Mrs. Zarrin

We almost gave up on building our dream home as we struggled to get past the framing stage over a period of nearly 18 months with two other “custom” builders. Frustrated with constant lack of attention given to our home, we were blessed to meet Wade who seemed to truly understand our frustrations as well as our desire to build a truly custom home with details and characteristics we had planned and envisioned for over 5 years. His first day on the job, Wade and over 35 subcontractors dove into our home project, accomplishing more in a week than previous builders had accomplished in months. He related to our dream and truly shared our passion for the vision we had; he is a true custom builder. We are extremely happy with Wade who worked with us as a team to produce a remarkable home in which we are very proud. We gladly offer our home for any prospects with Wade to see his work and custom home building first hand.

Dr. & Mrs. Peery


We had a vision for our home that Wade made us feel comfortable that he could produce. The home became everything we wanted and more. Thank you for your patience and hard work to see it through. We love our new home and highly recommend Wade.

Dr. & Mrs. Fowler

It was our first new construction home. We designed the home for the long term with a large family. The home is magnificent, with fine amenities, built ins, and detail woodworking which exceeded our expectations. Wade always took our ideas to heart and personally made sure they were reproduced to our delight We highly recommend Wade especially if you have ideas that are not of the norm, he will make it work.

Dr. & Mrs. Harper