New Construction Services

Signature Homes offers many unique quality services to new construction customers. Wade brings over 24 years of construction experience to the table with several hundred projects completed to date.

All of our homes FAR exceed any and all Energy Star, Green, and all higher standards of construction. We start with soil tests and follow through with engineering specs far exceeding any standards in the area for foundations and site prep.

Our framing from bolted bottom plates through engineered Truss and ceiling Joyce layouts are top of the game. Structurally speaking we are tough to compete with, coming from Tornado Ally in Oklahoma are standards are set very high.

Signature Homes is always in school when it comes to keeping abreast the latest in materials to improve longevity, energy efficiency, while taking in account eco friendly construction. Signature Homes has utilized engineered beams, flooring,Trusses, Foam insulation, Solar materials, Geo Thermo HVAC, ultra high Efficiency HVAC, Tankless water heaters, PEX Plumbing, to name just a few, for over 18 years, well ahead of most in the building industry.

We never stop improving our methods from site selection through design till after completion. We hope you take the time to review our web site and gather more information before you leap.

Signature Homes charges nothing to spend time with you on site selection, assistance in consulting with architects and/or designers through materials selection and presentation of the final bid.

Accounting Methods & Bidding

We offer one of the most detailed and simple to follow accounting methods for managing your home project in the business. From the start of the bidding phase throughout the construction phase our accounting methods keep you and your financial institution up to date and on top. We open a separate bank account with your local lending institution and grant you access so you can watch over all monies moving in our account only for your home. We provide detailed Proprietary Documentation on a weekly basis emailed or faxed to you and your bank. Signature Homes will provide you with Bank Officer references as to how meticulous our methods are.

The bidding phase will require a full set of plans including elevations, plot plan, and detailed specs. Wade will meticulously guide you through the DETAIL SPEC phase to insure nothing is over looked or left out of the estimate. This will require several meetings reviewing your portfolio of pictures, magazine articles, web sites, books, or any number of ideas you have acquired in your journey to put together you future home. Nothing is to much when it comes to the amount of information needed to prepare an Accurate Estimate. Our estimate is extremely detailed and over 150 line items, nothing will be overlooked. Signature Homes does not charge any fee’s for this.

If you are handed a estimate with less than 8 Hours of face time and less than 3 meetings with all parties involved in the home to include a site visit, as well as time to actually select many KEY items in the home, (Not Allowances which are all inclusive), you WILL NOT RECIEVE A QUALITY ESTIMATE!!!

Spend the time during these meetings or you will pay with dollars later!! If you have read this then it should not come to you as a surprise later. Get more than 1 estimate and demand copies of all suppliers and subcontractor bids supplied to the builder for your house. You may find they may not exist, or do not match your earlier requested specifications. Communication and clarification is paramount.

If anyone quotes you a per square foot price before any of the above occurs, RUN. Every home even those built identical back to back will not have the same exact cost results, much less two completely different homes. The cost per square foot is the number you arrive at only after the time and detail is spent in preparing the estimate! After 28 years I am never surprised to hear the absurd numbers thrown around with little to no due diligence preformed to actually find out what the customer truly wants or expects in their home.

Quality Custom homes costing from $300,000.00 to over $4,000,000.00 range from $98.00 to $350.00 per square foot and up. That’s a large range and the only way to get a tight estimate is putting in the time.

If you would like to view some Copies of our Proprietary docs just click and follow the link. You will need to email to receive a user name and password to access and view our documents as well as view pictures, (Good vs Poor Quality), of what you should not see during your construction experience.