The Numbers:

We choose to charge a flat fee based upon several determining factors:

Where the project is located:
The complexity or detail of the project:
The experience homeowner has with new construction:
The amount of time the homeowner may require in assistance:
If home can be part of a Parade or Home Show:
To what extent the home owner wishes to be involved directly with various parts of the project:
The amount of prep home owners have already completed:

We do not charge for:
Assistance in:

Site Location or Site Preparation Advice:
Consulting with home owner and Architect as well as matching Architect with specific home owner needs in design:
Providing DETAILED ESTIMATE over 150 line items guaranteed to be all inclusive!
Providing copies of all bids to back up the Estimate Proposal:*


Many home builders charge a fee based on what is known in the industry as “cost-plus,” which is basically a percentage of the project.

Builder’s know most home owner’s will upgrade items and make changes. Then there are undisclosed or overlooked costs that all together run up the project several % or more. Many builders count on this to make up what they appear not to charge on the front end. The reason most people opt to build a Custom Home is to get exactly what they want, many times this is not all know up front and creates “Change Orders”. This is the monies that add up and a “cost-plus,” fee will be added for the builder each time this occurs.

Not with Signature Homes. Wade firmly believes that “cost-plus” offers no incentive for the builder to contain costs; in fact just the opposite.

Signature Homes charges a flat fee. Our Flat Fee is an incentive to finish the project exactly as planned, on time and on budget and the fees charged by Signature Homes by Wade represent a significant savings compared to many other builders.