Commercial Construction

Signature Homes offers commercial construction services in the greater Tyler Texas area. With decades of experience in the construction industry, our team of experts provide superior project management and construction to provide quality buildings on time and in budget. From destruction to construction, Signature Homes can design, build or renovate a commercial building to fit your demanding needs. Our team loves to work in collaboration with your vision to complete a project both the end-user and we are proud of.

Our team can assist in all portions of commercial construction, including:


Construction Management


Program Management

Our business is locally owned and operated in the Tyler, Texas area. Our owner, Wade personally oversees our projects to guarantee excellent craftsmanship and amiable results for our clients. We strive to provide the best results by staying in contact with the client with updates on the project on a regular basis as well as walk-throughs with the client consistently.
Signature Homes offers commercial construction services limited only by distance and type of structure. Signature Homes offers full design, architectural assistance and site development planning within 60 miles of Tyler, TX. We specialize in wood framing structures as well as metal fabrication of all configurations, but can assist on many other types of projects as well.

Contact Signature Homes by Wade to learn more about the residential and commercial construction services provided by our team. Whether a renovation, custom home or commercial property our team can create the finished project you envisioned within a reasonable budget and time frame. All of our work will not only impress, but will last for years to come. Learn more today!